The Product

Rollerboat is designed to carry any RV motor home through the water, effectively converting the motor home into an amphibious vehicle. It uses the power of the motor home for propulsion by cradling the rear drive wheels between two rollers and driving them through a gearbox to the outdrive. Rollerboat is piloted from the driver’s seat of the motor home and steered with a “fly-by-wire” system. It is designed to be loaded and unloaded from any boat launch ramp, thus allowing it to operate on lakes and rivers with varying water levels. Rollerboat is 60 feet long and 18 feet wide, providing ample recreational space around the largest of motor homes. This size also provides over 175,000 pounds of flotation.

Ownership & Management

Rollerboat, Inc. is privately owned by David C. Lee and his wife, F. Jean Lee. The business is located in southern Indiana. Our physical address is 2810 Coopers Lane, Sellersburg, In. 47172

The couple are serious RV’ers and lived full time in their 40 foot motor home for seven years before moving back into their residence. During that time, they often thought how great it would be to have an amphibious vehicle that would allow them to camp on both land and water. The idea slowly grew and evolved into what it is today, a way to enjoy camping on both land and water.  With Rollerboat, you’re able to experience the houseboat life at a fraction of the cost.

The Design & Manufacturing

Rollerboat is manufactured by DESTINATION YACHTS of Washington, Indiana. The owner, Sheldon Graber, enjoys an excellent reputation among his peers and is on the Board of Directors of the National Houseboat Industry Association. Their hull design is among the safest and most advanced in the industry. Each side and every 5 feet of hull has an air tight compartment. This allows an open center for mounting the drive train and for extra storage while avoiding potential disadvantages associated with some full hulls.

The drive train was designed by Schwaniger Enterprises of Johnson City, Tn. Nathan Jarboe, Project Engineer

Mission Statement

Whether the Rollerboat is purchased by an individual for his or her own private enjoyment, or by a business to serve as a rental unit, our mission is to provide a safe, economical and dependable product from which our customers can get a reasonable return, whether that return be in the form of profit or years of enjoyment.

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